Our honey products consist of natural bee honey, gained through collection of flower nectar and other plant secretions of honeybees and extraction from fully capped honeycomb.

The honey has the following physical properties:

  • purified, liquefied and filtered through 0,1 mm
  • Color max. 85 mm to pounds color grader
  • Taste sweet, with typical honey flavour

We offer different types of honey:

The honey mixture consists of various middle- and South American as well as European qualities.

The Baker's honey is a special physical process (high-heat treated) germ-free. He is for industrial processing, for example in the cosmetics, chemical industry and as an ingredient in food processing industry, particularly suitable.

Our honey powder is a process-oriented sweetener for product creations in the areas of:

  • Bakery- and confectionery
  • Cereals
  • Snacks, Desserts, Delicatessen
  • Spice mixtures
  • Instant drink powder
  • Bath salts, etc..

Honey powder is very versatile, free flowing, pleasant honeysweet, light metering and applicable. It is exclusively made from honey and gluten-free by vacuum drying, GMO-free (IP certified) Maltodextrin made without the addition of release agents, Color- and aromatic substances.

We will be happy to send you further information about our honey products on Request.

The products offered by us meet the German honey regulation as well as the current EU directives.